Past Present in Advertising MESSRS. J. S. THE policy underlying the 1929 chocolate and cocoa advertising of Messrs. J. S. Fry Sons Limited is the presentation of the products in action." People of varying types and ages have been portrayed actually consuming the products. This is what we want people to do, so we show people doing it. And to make sure that the reader of the paper stops and looks we have had A. R. Thompson to draw the heads that at first sight the reader will say There's a drawing got in upside down." Then he will look closer and perhaps he will understand that the drawing is not upside down, but that a strange point of view has been taken, or he may still think i SONS, LTD. the drawing is upside down and write and tell us that he does not eat his Chocolate Cream Tablet standing on his head. We don't mindso long as we get his attention, for we are satisfied that the headlines and the copy will convince him if once we can stop him. With regard to the products themselves, cocoa, chocolate, etc.we have allowed the artist to draw these quite freely without any attempt to be too photo graphically exact. Had we not done this we feel that we should, in a very modern treatment of this kind, have spoilt the complete harmony of the illustration. At the same time we have aimed at a good reproduction in the press, and if such prosaic objects as tins of cocoa have been slightly idealized in the drawing, this has Press advertisement designed and produced by Paul E. Derrick Advertising Agency, Ltd. now isn't that neat! 16 dainty cubes of chocolate in a block so easy to break up. And this packetsuch a sensible, handy size. Wonder if the chocolate is as good as it looks snap why, yesit's the best I've ever tasted IPXTEEN CUBES IN A BLOCK FOR Jr VALENCIA JT FRUIT a NUT glP BEL6RAVE J SOMERDALE NUT MILK HONEY NOUAAT CHOCOLATE CREAM Press advertisement designed and produced by Paul E. Derrick Advertising Agency, Ltd. 112

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