more of the technical pro cesses which are at the disposal of this industry. Rubber - roller and litho- graphic print ing give excel lent results in various colours the application of colour by a sort of stroking machine gives a good uniform colour the ancient marbling process allows the colours to flow into one another irregularly brushes of various kinds and colour-spraying apparatus are all appli ances which are used in the industry and pressing or polishing by machine are the means by which the desired surface qualities are obtained. The collections of the industry display a great variety both in colour and in design. There are marbled papers which preserve the noble craftsmanship of by gone days, and side by side with them there are similar machine-produced ex amples of to-day. There is a rich selection of coloured papers, some of them with designs produced by printing in various colours, others in which gold and silver have been employed, in which the effect of design and colour is enhanced by the stamping of the surface. More recent examples are of papers printed to imitate wood, leather or marble. There are papers with a particularly fine veining which is actually raised from the surface of the paper in a colour which is a shade of the ground colour itself. By a special process the paper is treated exactly as woven cloth is treated in batik or java work. These papers have a translucent, parchment-like quality and the colours have a particularly attractive appearance on the uncoloured ground. In the sized papers, which are much esteemed, an old art of the book binder has been revived. The technical process for the manufacture of this paper is that the colours are made to appear in all shades. The designing of the various papers is governed by the manner of working and is of great simplicity, though of considerable effect. As no other paper, this allows the hand of the designer to be perceived. "9 German book bound in paper harmonising with the title a®»»»» Box covered with coloured paperdesigned in the modern style by Werkstatten der Stadt Halle

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 41