Patrons of the Arts smsmsmsmsm Can I see the Sales Manager? Ronaud Massey 5/6 smsmsmsmsm PHOTOGRAPHS for Advertisers Wallace Heaton Art and Literary Acent (State Art Editor of "Jhe Bystander") THE LOUIS CASSIER CO., LIMITED Copy this sketch for free criticism THE real patrons of Art are the great commercial buyers. Advertisers and publishers are positively hungry for good drawings suitable for repro duction, such myou can execute with the aid of John Hassall Correspondence Art School. The essence of many years hard-won experience in the production of Commercial Art sketches, advertisement illus trations, magazine drawings, poster designs, etc., are concen trated in this unique Course. All you need is average artistic ability. Copy the above sketch or send an original drawing, and you will receive, by return, without any charge or obliga tion, a candid criticism and expert advice, together with a handsome Brochure describing the School's Postal Courses of Training. Write to The John Hassall Correspondence Art School, Dept. H8/5, St. Albans. The Hassall Courses provide complete instruction in the following subjects: 1. Elementary Drawing. 2. Complete Black White Course, i n c 1 u d i ni g Drawing for Reproduction. 3. Figure Drawing. 4. Poster Design ing, etc. Taken in Our Own Studio for WITH 2 PROOFS Good photographs are your best salesman. They tell the truth they show your customer exactly what you sell. Let us quote you for your next booklet, showcard or other publicity. LTD. 119 NEW BOND STREET, LONDON, W. 1 Phone May fair 2066-7. It is one thing to have something to show the sales manager of a large business concern, but it is quite another matter to gain personal access to him, even though your gocds or service are "the best yet." But he does read Sales Manage ment (The British Journal of Selling), and your advertisement in its pages will give you the introduc tion to him which you so much desirefor Sales Management is read by the sales managers of the most important business concerns in this country. Practically every reader of the journal is a potential client of the commercial artist, the art service, the advertising agency, the printer, the blockmaker, and the display specialist. It is the only journal in Britain which deals solely with Selling, and it reaches and holds the attention of the busy executive who has little time and less inclination to read business publications in general. GOOD ARTISTS IN COLOUR FOR POSTERS, SHOWCARDS, ETC. VERY URGENTLY REQUIRED 106-108 VICTORIA STREET, S.W.I Tel. No.: Victoria 1761-62 II 'Phone (Gerrard 3571-2), write, or send and a specimen copy of Sales Manage ment is yours for the asking. (Established 1891) 22 HENRIETTA STREET, STRAND, W.C.2

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