WHATMAN J Whatman w ALPHABET ELEMENTS LETTERING y A Talent for Art THE $6.00 of $5.00 GENUINE HAND-MADE DRAWING PAPERS W. R. BALSTÓN, L™ Maidstone. H. REEVE ANGEL Co., Ltd., VTUDY AT HOME Fashion Illustrating and Poster Designing "ART FOR COMMERCIAL USE" Tivo Books by Qoudy of inestimable value to Artists, Designers, etc. Fifteen Interpretative Designs drawn and arranged with explan atory text and illustrations. Quarto Black Linen By FREDERIC W. GOUDY 3 A companion to The Alphabet containing thirteen full-page plates and other illustrations. Quarto Black Linen By FREDERIC W. GOUDY 2 WILLIAM EDWIN RUDGE 475 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N.Y. Equally suitable tor Water-colour, Pen-and-ink and Pencil, there is a grade to suit every preference Ask also to see samples or WHATMAN Antique Laid and Cream Laid and Wove soft sized Papers for Etchings, Editions de Luxe, etc., WHATMAN Deed Parchment for Certificates, Illuminated Addresses, etc. Sole Manufacturers This Watermark appears in every genuine sheet Visible by holding paper to the light. OBTAINABLE FROM ALL ARTISTS' COLOUR- MEN AND DRAWING OFFICE STATIONERS. Sample Booklet and Current Price List obtainable from Sole Sales Representatives. 9 Bridewell Place, London, E.C.4 to whom please write in case of any difficulty in obtaining supplies. can be most interestingly and profitably employed in the fields of The International Correspondence Schools have just completed new Courses of Instruction in these two Subjects. These Courses are the work of highly successful experts and repre sent the latest ideas and practices Write to-day for our Free Booklet International Correspondence Schools, Ltd. 44 International Buildings, Kingsway, London, W.C.2. PUBLISHER IV

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