SAVE MERE MCNEY The Westminster bank's T^ew Departure in Advertising Reviewed by Charles C. Knights, F.S.M.A. NO one could examine a representative selection of the advertising matter issued by the Westminster Bank Ltd. without receiving an immediate impres sion ofcapability, surenessit is difficult to find exactly the right word, but in the creation of that impression lies the aim and object of the advertising. The press advertisements, booklets, etc. are so clearly the work of men who understand the finer points of their job, who are meticulously painstaking without being faddy, who are abreast of the times without seeking to achieve an ultra- modernism, that one subconsciously attributes to the institution itself those same qualities of scrupulousness in detail and sane progressiveness. Advertising, as distinct from propa ganda, must have a sales objective. Bank advertising clearly has as its particular two-fold objective the extension of the banking idea among those who have not hitherto felt the need for a bank account and the encouragement of a wider use of its facilities by those who are already bank customers. Happily, one form of adver tising can be made to serve these two purposes for the person who has not a bank account is increasingly likely to open THE CHOICE OF A BANK FOR NAVAL MARINE OFFICERS T49 OLDKNi round the. Messrs. Stilwell Sons, Navy Agents and Bankers, amalgamated with Weflminfter Bank1 Limited in April, 192.5. As a result, excep tional banking facilities can be offered to Officers of the Royal Naiy and Royal Marines. TO MEN in The Service the choice of a Bank is of considerable importance in view of the nature of their profession. Ordinary banking facilities do not meet their special needs. For that reason it has been usual in the pa£t for officers of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines to bank with Navy Agents and Bankers, amongSt whom Messrs. Stilwell Sons, established in 1772, occupied a foremoSt place. Their sole busi ness since they were established before Tra falgar was to provide the particular banking facilities and other services which experience had proved to be moSt suited to the officers and ships of the Royal Navy. 3 Double-page spread from booklet produced by The Westminster Bank Ltd. Illustration by A. Gwynne-Jones. Typography by The Curwen Press.

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1929 | | page 23