U s E IV POT BOILERS j%lc *Per/c For Writing and Drawing T INSPECTION CE ENSURES U Correa i i j UNIFORM is the symbol of Service. Every Pencil of each of the 17 degrees of KOH-I-NOOR is uniform from beginning to end. The KOH-I-NOOR Pencil, after many years of research, of extensive trial and experiment, was placed on the market in 1889. As its name implies, it is a jewel among Pencils. Up to the present day it is still without an equal, in spite of all competitive efforts. Its chief characteristics are the extraordinary smoothness and wear - resisting qualities of its lead, the precision and regularity of its grading. It is made in 17 finely graded different degrees.each of which is always true to the standard created about 40 years ago, and the lead in every Pencil is uniform throughout. The KOH-I-NOOR has made its way to every corner of the globe, and after 40 years still maintains its proud positionTHE standard by which all other Pencils are judged. KOH-I-NOOR was the first yellow polished Pencil ever made. There have been many attempts to imitate it, but even the quality of the polishing has not been matched, far less the excellence of the leads of its 17 degrees—6B to 9H. EACH 4rd. Obtainable from Drawing Material O secure life-long: economic ini and art techniqu This wi mously subjects, to go chosen i long as achieve Morec vertisem zine dra etc.) b( every d John H ful ex Postal Hassall, develop themseh Send to drawing original receive pert Ac Brochur H assail Write KOH-I- Dor. 3/9 Six doz21/- One gross 40/-

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