r/ccf 7\nci f Polycolor Pencils COMMERCIAL ART in 60 shades EACH 4 d. S UNIFORMITY OF EACH OF THE IT DECREES No. 40 KOH'I'NOOR POLYCOLOR Chalk Pencils are extremely smooth, which advan' tage is achieved by the use of choice raw materials and by treating the chalk with special kinds of fatty substances. By an elaborate process a perfect evenness of chalk is obtained, which makes each one a perfect instrument in the hands of an artist, the more so as its strokes will catch immediately, and readily mark any kind of drawing paper. The chalks are possessed of a great resistency against breaking, thanks to the use of suitable binding materials and to the fact that they are carefully bedded in matchless A. 1 cedar wood. Therefore working with KOHTNOOR POLYCOLOR Pencils is very economical, and the troublesome breaking of points and the consequent waste of material and time are obviated. One of the outstanding advantages of the KOH' I'NOOR POLYCOLOR Pencils is the extensive range of tints available, each one slightly, yet definitely,different from the rest. KOH-I-NOOR POLYCOLOR are made of the finest quality red cedar wood, and each Pencil polished the colour of the chalk. A Chart showing the 60 tints will be sent on application. aterial Dealers, Stationers, Stores, etc. Cases of Assorted Shades. Tfnl 7/77 nrTORF.R. IC Telephone Gerrard 3267-8 TelegramsRhombic n-NOOR Doz- 3/9 Six doz- 21/- One gross 40/- AH one shade or assorted. r- ill d. tld rn at 5-r. tch for 6 d. Case No containing 6 shades, C HARpMLITH C. HARDT MU j tobae YcSWyM Yi'lidW. bf-'i» Otaii-jc Venii'lv P'f1 '(iiiisha Lfc' Matidex hikx- \vv« IS.K! May U A-vc I km, I

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