Ronaud Massey Ibv Letten andüesi' TielnfëeSi Blanckcüfe ST. MARTINS TYPEWRITER CO. Caricature and the Art which Pays Art and Literary Aeent By Percy V. Bradshaw v (Jfate Art Editor of fThe Bystander") (Principal of the Press Art School). The Art which pays, and pays well, is working for Publishers, Editors and Advertisers. The success of the old Pupils who drew the sketches below, is proof of this. One is now Cartoonist to a famous News- paper, the second a leading Press Illustrator. While the third needs no introduction from me. If you are interested in Caricature, Humorous Drawing, or Press Illustra tion of any kind, send for my Free Prospectus. It describes the Postal Courses which have trained many of to-day. the leading illustrators t In your own home, you N. jk i can start with my Preparatory Course and v* progress, easily and happily, from depicting simple flowers to cari caturing our politicians. My Advanced Course is designed to convert the conventionally - trained Artist into the Cartoon ist and Caricaturist, the Story and Advertisement Illustrator. in a nut shell to teach him or her to produce the kind of work which will sell. Poy," Tom Webster, Bert Thomas, Alfred Leete, H. M. Bateman, and J. A. Shepherd have provided complete illustrated Lessons in Caricature and Humorous Drawing. These lessons form only a section of the Courses which cover the whole field of Black and White and Water Colour. Let me send you my Prospectus giving full particulars of my Postal Courses. of The Courses have sections devoted to: Water Colour, Landscape, Caricature, Animal and Figure Drawing Humorous Art, Percy V. Bradshaw, The PRESS ART SCHOOL (Dept. C A.34 \tA Tudor Hall, Forest Hill, S.E. 23. By kind permis sion of the London Evening News." GOOD ARTISTS IN COLOUR FOR POSTERS, SHOWCARDS, ETC. VERY URGENTLY REQUIRED 106-108 VICTORIA STREET, S.W.I. Tel. No.: Victoria 1761-62 New and Rebuilt Typewriters of every make offered Jor cash or by convenient deferred terms specialising in TYPEWRITERS DUPLICATORS E ssential Equipment Exclusively Trompt and efficient hire and repair service All makes of portable machines 95 ST. MARTIN'S LANE - - W.C.2 45 TOTHILL STREET - - S.W.i Telephone GERRARD 7806 and 7807 2/9 box of 36 Pens asstd. 9d. card of 7 Pens asstd- Order Ato Pens at your Artists' Material Dealers bor Free Samples and Booklet apply to Fulwood House, High Holborn, W.C.I. Ill

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