s I I I I I 1 1 i k i I i I i I 1 i M m m si B m A BRITISH MARKET a HYDE PARK I? p B 51 B 1 Business is bad B si B. §3 BUY! BUYI-BY Underground c co H 7> O z CO CO X O c r- CO C C C z -< D m CO For Swimming, Sun-Bathing, Boating, Golf, Arguments, and Music (every afternoon and evening except Thursday afternoon). See the new Bowling Green I TRAVEL TO HYDE PARK CORNER STATION Football begins on Saturday ARSENAL V. WEST BROMWICH GILLESPIE ROAD CHARLTON v. NOTTS. FOREST General Bus Nos.48, 53, 54, 75 BRENTFORD v. QUEEN'S PARK RANGERS SOUTH EALING CRYSTAL PALACE v. TORQUAY General Bus Nos.68, 75, 133 FULHAM COVENTRY CITY PUTNEY BRIDGE THAMES y. EXETER CITY PLAISTOW WATFORD y. CLAPTON ORIENT WATFORD TRAVEL BY LONDON'S UNDERGROUND i P B Customers are fewer Exchange is no robbery Have some of ours We have a million a day Passengers on the Underground Travelling time is think ing time Confront them with your poster as they wait for the Train Confront them again in the Car Subway; Escalator; Lift Hold them! Do not let them escape! It is the time to advertise when Business is bad Write, telephone, or call: COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT LONDON'S UNDERGROUND, 55. BROADWAY WESTMINSTER. S.W.I Telephone: Victoria 6800 13 13 Si §3 13 ■O.v, BILLINGSGATE MARKET- MONUMENT STATION Readers of Commercial Artare already familiar with Underground advertising. Above are specimens of recent Press advertisements

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