STAN DARDISATION of type by the L.N.E.R. I ft BY B. L. WARDE CAMPING HOLIDAYS The story of a significant reform on a vast scale CAMPING COACHES YOUTH HOSTELS SITES,FOR CAMPS LONDON AND NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY No. 17 D934 ISSUPI Cover of Camping Holidays," a booklet for the L.N.E.R., designed by V. L. Danvers A STANDARD type face to be specified in more than ninety printing contracts: standards of layout to be determined in respect of forty million printed pieces a year, for years to come a style, typified in a single alphabet, to be imposed upon liter ally hundreds of different non-typograpliic kinds of display from a station sign or six teen-sheet poster to a souvenir match-box these are the problems that confronted the L.N.E.R. when the question of type- standardisation was first brought up by their Advertising Manager, Mr. C. G. G. Dandridge, in 1928. It had never before been considered on so large a scale. There are 2,000 stations in 231

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1934 | | page 247