PAPER HELP THESE GOODS TO SELL THEMSELVES «MJHT ONt POUNO snorvmÊJS The wrapping of foodstuffs provides one of the most obviously suitable uses for transpaper. It has already been applied to this purpose in England, but only in a few cases and within a narrow range of products (mostly those handled by the con fectioner and pastrycook). The potentialities of the material have been enormously increased by the perfection of a moisture- proof variety which will preserve the quality of the goods within almost indefinitely. This should render it particularly suitable for wrapping dried fruits and similar types of grocery. By giving an added richness of appearance to the goods within, such wraps also prove their value as a powerful sales force. The Mission Brand fruits on the right are marketed by Guggenhime Co., and the transparent packs were designed by Thad Sheerin. The pop corn on the right below is marketed by the American Pop Corn Co., and the marshmallows below on the left by the Shotwell Mfg. Co. The latter package was designed by J. P. Garrow.

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1935 | | page 261