EDIBLES MADE READY The Dainty Dot range of spices and flavourings (top), marketed by the Millbrook Products Co., is packed in fibre containers. The baking chocolate (centre) marketed by E. A. Opler, Inc., is packed in a metal tray which can be used as a baking pan. The ingenuity of the pack far surpasses the extremely poor label design. The container for Rose Brand rice (right) used by the A.P.W. Paper Co. was designed by Egmont Arens. The surest way in which to ensure display in the retailer's window or on his counter is for the manufacturer to supply his goods in packages which are worth displaying. By reason of providing attractive and easily displayed packs many American manufacturers have been able to save themselves the expense of a display bonus for the retailer. Another idea which has been more fully developed in America is the re-use pack, an example of which is illustrated on the left. This selling device is a less expensive form of the coupon idea. The design on the rice pack below is especially suitable for display with the packs piled up in pyramid form, when it forms a striking pattern. 248

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1935 | | page 262