VOGU TECHNIQUE On this page we illustrate some of the many different but distinctive styles which have proved successful in appealing to women buyers. On the left two Press advertise ments from America. The Lord Taylor use of typescript gives a sense of urgency for up-to-the-minute fashions. Saks cleverly link up the two sections of a corner position on the page by the phrase very Saks Fifth Avenue running diagonally across. Crawfords have adopted a brittle and delicate style of type and illustration for Kayser silk stockings. At the bottom of the page are three cover designs from fashion journals. Left is a colour photograph and next to it a brilliant improvisation by Eric." Both these cover designs from Vogue." On the right an example from Sweden by Mrs. Aili Pekonen, carried out in orange and black. STOCKINGS-AS CLEAR AS A GOOD GIRL'S CONSCIENCE MIR Tweed Swagger Coats DUArtD AND BAUM MARTENS THAT GIVE an AIR OF BEAUTIFUL COMPLETENESS TO Special, 25.00 SPRING COSTUMES-VERY FIFTH AVENUE 49TH TO 50th STREET PRESENTING nplt. bin «LtlUuHy be -i'.Ui> flittering. Sofr cbxeAt nxmuArdUtXclmno crw"\LcAA[um rvT X f«lyuicvw^l9^ dotted, Ut' "itrttci'

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1935 | | page 292