DISPLAY SCHEMES Above is one from the series of window displays recently staged by Harrods Ltd. The Greek frieze motif was carried through the whole range of displays on one front of the store. The plain coloured backgrounds were in shades of pastel blue and pink (one colour in each window) with the decoration applied in white. These plain background colours provided an excellent foil for the intricate patterning of the beige and black lace gowns. The classical lines of these suggested the display method used. Below are two window streamers which have been used with success in Sweden. They were designed by Aili Pekonen for Kraka, a well- known fashion house in Stockholm, and were placed as small and brightly lighted panels on each side of the entrance doorway. The dresses worn by the characters are formed from actual material of the appropriate type stuck on to the painted background. These amusing pictures were changed according to the season and the character of the goods being specially displayed.

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1935 | | page 295