NATIONAL TACTICS No. 1. Egyptian Faces Types are salesmen. This is the first of a series of articles treat ing of the more popular contemporary types for advertisers, and of the best way to use them. By FREDERICK A. HORN Aesthetics and selling are strange bedfellows, and it is no part of the commercial typographer's mission to improve the taste of the public. Mr. Higginbotham, who is looking for a good brand of cigar, cares not a rap for the beauty of the advertisements which tell him where to buy one ■NTIQUATED things should have no place in a modern world. To be deficient by comparison with the newest standards of efficiency is s to place a brake of correspond ing strength upon progress. As Henry Ford put it 'II a device effects a saving of just ten per cent, then absence of that device is a ten per cent tax." IT PAYS TO BE UP-TO-DATE Three succeeding fepofelolB which will reach you in due course wilt in detail ihe National Cash fiegisior Company's »t achievements, speci fically designed lot dén trolling thcl Municipalities and PufeW Utility Companies.! Inveatigation ot the those machines will undoubtedly repay you not once hut many tunee over -as tbs vxporiaac* ot hond rads of outers ha» already proved. Mm ACCOUNTING EQUIPMENT IN TEMPO WITH THE TIMES 1 Müü^WSUl IHH Inside spread of a four-page folder for the National Cash Register Co., Ltd., using Beton Bold and Extra Bold with photomontage. Printed in blue and black. Notice how type follows form of design. IP g

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1936 | | page 20