H eavy Roman Types TYPE TACTICS No. 4 J new mini! iii \umsci m of i hi By FREDERICK A. HORN FI It ST TO INTIUlDUC ATI ON SEIUES HE Hll \1MEli FLOW I l\S I N N(1(1 IN I'lil S E N Till AS FOll It \1 A Villi 'II Vil' TATKINS". IF Ml'TATION I'FliFtlMF Ili.OI) US.r,tl .",(1.1111, FACE I'OWIIEIi 3.00, F All III mil 11 II .1.1)11,111' STICK 1.10 <1 SAKS FIFTH AVE N II f Al A'lili S I lil I I Two-colour display in Cor- vinus Medium. The ranging lines of caps are in excellent contrast to the lively pattern of the half-tone, printed in a blue tint. Types are Salesmen. This is the fourth of a series of articles treating of the more popular contemporary types for advertisers, and of the way to use them. IN THE PREVIOUS articles of this series, we have examined the characteristic qualities of Egyptian, Sans-serif, and Script types, and the 242 methods whereby these various styles may be used to obtain the maximum value in typographical dis play. We now come to a class which embraces a rather more diverse collection of faces. The basic form of each of the three divisions of types for advertising which are mentioned above, is well defined, with an emphatic special quality, as the slab-seril of the Egyptian, the skeletonised form

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1936 | | page 40