w y# w V V V KYNOCH ^0 W %0 %0 \0 %0 %0 \0 ^0 %0 ^0 NICHOLAS DREW W ^0 \0 %0 %0 %0 W ^0 %0 W the kynoch press diary was late in appearing this year and, for a while, I had been thinking that this was yet one more item to add to the list of the disastrous effects of this man Hitler's madness. It was a sad business, I thought, for that combined notebook-diary had become a bright spot in a sometimes gloomy January. Then, late in January, my copy appeared, and I breathed again to find Hitler's triumph so short-lived. It was good to see again this English equivalent to those Klingspor diaries which used to arrive from Offenbach each year. It was good to find, in fact, that the new diary despite the lateness of its appearance was every bit as good as any of the previous editions (with the possible personal exception of 1935 which happens to be my particular favourite). The Kynoch productions may not be printed on hand-made paper like their Klingspor counterparts (although I suspect that there is singularly little hand-made paper in Germany in this year of Grace), but they are extremely well produced. In fact, had they been published in slight editions, had cunning attention been paid to their rarity value, had they, in short, been allowed to become collectors' items," then it is probable that their price in the bookshops of Bond Street would to-dayeven in war-timehave reached impressive figures. But luckily these things have never been allowed to happen. The diaries are produced commercially by a commercially minded press, and in that job of work they have been outstandingly successful. 73

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