IOZ XAA KOBAPHI Decorations by Wolpe for books ancient and modern alphabet with pronounced traditional character istics yet possesses a spirit and liveliness equal to any of the so-called dynamic types which have helped to darken the pages of the daily press during recent years. A specimen alphabet is shown on the next page. Wolpe has also designed Pegasus for the Monotype Corporation. This is a book and jobbing type of striking individuality yet with no overwhelming affectations. It is a distinguished and worthy addition to the Mono type repertory. Wolpe has also designed for the use of the Fanfare Press, a heavy sans-serif italic, Tempest, for use in publishers' dust wrappers and advertisements. It is an unusual type and has an urgency which roman sans serifs do not achieve. The type, as the property of the Fanfare Press, is not seen as often as it would be if it were marketed by a typefounder, which is a pity, The two upper designs show page decorations for an Italian edition of Stephan Zweig's book of legends entitled Leggende." The two lower designs were prepared for Francis Meynell's Nonesuch Press productions of The Odyssey and The Iliad 132

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1940 | | page 10