commentator. The first principle is working itself outto let people tell their own story. John Taylor's The Londoners does not survey London from a great heightit gets inside and lets London speak for itself. Watt's North Sea dramatises real people with characterisation as emotionally strong as that of Hollywood. Shaw's Men of Africa is true to its title, and incidentally typical of the ever-widening range of subject-matter. In physical disposition the movement has been 137 1934 THE FISHING BANKS OF SKYE John Grierson G.P.OFilm Unit 1934 AERO-ENGINE Arthur Elton Empire Marketing Board 1934 SEA CHANGE Alex Shaw Orient Line 1934 WEATHER FORECAST Eveyln Spice {G.P.O. Film Unit) 1934 GRANTON TRAWLER Grierson and Anstey {Empire Marketing Board) 1934-5 THE FACE OF BRITAIN Paul Rotha {G.B. Instructional)

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