r strong enough to withstand the impact of war. The G.P.O. Unit carries on and has turned out admirable films like The First Days and Squadron 992. Film Centre in London remains the contact between the various units and sponsors. The Americans are active, and in Canada the Govern ment Film Unit is the busiest production unit in the Empire. Grierson moves from Canada to New Zealand, and from New Zealand to Aus tralia, spreading the documentary idea. The r934"5 SHIPYARD Paul Rotha G.BInstructional 1934-5 THE SONG OF CEYLON Basil Wright Ceylon Tea Propaganda Board r935 night mail Wright and Watt (G.P.O. Film Unit) 1935 housing problems Elton and Anstey British Commercial Gas Asscn.) 1935 B.B.C., THE VOICE OF BRITAIN Stuart Legg (B.B.C.) 1935 COAL FACE Grierson, Cavalcanti and Auden Empo 138

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