technique is there and the men and women to do the job. Documentary can take its place in the war effort, but, as Grierson said in a recent broadcast to Canada, it will be a poor inform ation service which keeps harping on war to the exclusion of everything so that our minds become narrow and anasmic." To make the everyday life and achievements of democracy exciting has always been documentary's job, and to-day that job is more important than ever before. 139 1936 ELEPHANT BOY Robert Flaherty London Films) 1938 NORTH SEA Harry Watt G.P.OFilm Unit 1939 THE LONDONERS John Taylor Realist Film Unit 1936 CONQUEST OF the AIR unfinished Alexander Korda London Films) 1939 THE FIRST DAYS Cavalcanti (G.P.O. Film Unit) 1939 MEN OF AFRICA Alexander Shaw Colonial Empire Marketing Board)

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