South for Sunshine is still true despite the war and so is South for Sales. The Southern, busily engaged on many wartime activities, is still carrying on with its usual job of conveying passengers to business every day and to holidays which are now, as ever, necessary. No advertiser wishing to retain his goodwill in the Southern counties should miss this valuable field for economical and forcible publicity. Full particulars of all advertising sites on the can be obtained from TRADE ADVERTISING AGENT CANNON STREET STATION E.C.4 Phone WATerloo 5100 Ex. 2032. Monthly is., Annual Subscription 16s. post free. Specimens and photographs suitable for this magazine are 'welcome but are only accepted at sender's risk. Postage should be sent if return is desired. Advertisement rates on application. Editorial, Advertising and Publishing Offices, 44 Leicester Square, London, W.C.2. Telephone Whitehall 3267. Telegrams Rhombic, London. Canada, The Musson Book Co., Toronto. United States, Art Industry, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City. France, Messageries Dawson, Pans. Japan, I he Maruzen Co., Tokyo. Entered as Second-class matter Oct. 21,1927, at the Post Office at New York, N.Y. under the Act of Mar. 3,1879 (Sec. 397, P.L.&R).

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