More calligraphic draughtsmanship in colour in black and white -> ft Englishwoman. Its weekly publication demands that news value predominateits smartness is practical, its practice interesting. Lindley Abbatt, therefore, succeeds McPeake. It is interesting to see that in many ways his views coincide with those of de Holden Stone While there are obvious requisites in drawing for fashion, it is no longer the specialised field that it was. There is some aspect of fashion to which almost any good graphic artist, with originality and personality, can contribute. There is a lot of room for the artist who may consider himself primarily a portrait painter, a theatrical designer, and so on. He brings a new slant into fashion (Vertès, to take a prominent example, is not essentially a fashion artist). Therefore, in thinking of the young artist who wants to under take fashion work, one tries to discover which aspect they can interprethow they can be used. One who may be casually eloquent in terms of line or texture becomes surprisingly tongue-tied when asked to portray the detail of accessories. There are weaknesses in most artists' language which, properly used, may be part of their charm, but which tend to be irritating when forced out of their path. The Queen is always glad to see artists, and is interested in new artistsyoung, new in themselves, or new perhaps to the English market. What we do not want, however, is thecatalogue drawing, of which one sees so much and which results from lack of critical faculty on the part of the fashion artist. (Such is the artist who brings out line-and-tone or line-and-tint Such work carries little suggestion of what critics calldesire-to-please,' and this take-it-or-leave-it attitude for the information of students) is the most evident hall-mark of class in any form of art or entertainment,'" says de Holden Stone. Conscious effort to achieve this arrogant quality, however, is useless it degenerates into the desire-not-to-please,' which is altogether different." 147

Commercial Art / Art and Industry en | 1940 | | page 25