Monotype" Albertus Monotype" Condensa Grot. "Monotype" Ultra Bodoni OF "MONOTYPE" FACES: 5s. NET "Monotype" 1W5TURÏ 'Dorclie.iter zJïlonotune THE MONOTYPE CORPORATION LTD. WITH 50% DISCOUNT TO MASTER PRINTERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Our complete 2-volume Specimen Book costs 2 guineas, but our loose-leaf DESK BOOK, containing the "cream" of our world-famous repertory is obtainable at only 5s. It includes sheets of the faces that the biggest National Agencies look upon as "first aids"such classics as "Monotype" Plantin no; the Gill Sans group; the Rock well group; space-saving "Monotype" Times New Roman in its great range of sizes and also many Novelties and Eye-catchers, display matrices of which can be HIRED BY THE DAY at a nominal rental. E.g.: HOW TO OBTAIN THIS DESK BOOK: (1) Apply to any Printer who uses "Monotype" machines. He is allowed a special price. (2) Or, if you prefer to order direct from us, please enclose P.O. for 5s. with order. Temporary Administrative Offices: Salfords, nr. Redhill, Surrey. Redhill 711 Registered Office: 43 Fetter Lane, London, E.C.4 Central 9224 DESK BOOK

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