It's not their war! NOTES AND NEWS Publicity Purge Cinema Art Industrial Design in the Schools It is the desire of all that the war should be waged to save the children. Nobody wants their needs to be put second to anything. NORFOLK artists can depict children and child life in just the way that appeals to mothers. If your goods are for children, let us prepare your illustrations. gNORFOLK STUDIO LTD |J li 11 L li I H 102-5 SHOE LANE E C 4 II \Jf L 11 Phone CEN 3173 157 4sk for free copy of latest issue of "1:2: 3." The advertising pages of Art and Industry this month carry an announcement of considerable sig nificance to British industry as well as to British advertising. At last a few firms have got together in an attempt to bring the advertising profession into line with other well-established professions, such as architecture and medicine. The Advertising Service Guild is a praiseworthy attempt to rid adver tising of prolific internal rackets (it probably has more than any other profession). Split commissions, quick-change accounts and half- commission men are well known in this strangely secretive business, and control of advertising methods by advertising's practitioners is the only satisfactory solution. St. John Cooper (who takes prominent part in the article on fashion drawing earlier in this issue), is now only partly occupied by his work for the Daily Express. He has been engaged in the pro duction of animated cartoons of special wartime (though not of propaganda) interest, and expects his first preview in a month's time. He proposes to take on other free lance work, but it is hoped that he may be able to continue with animated cartoonsbeside the sparkling example of Pinocchio, British cartoons make a sorry showing and need all the help they can get. Pinocchio should be visited by every artist who has learned the technique of penetrating queues. Apart from being delightful enter tainment, it is technically irre proachable. Disney's two- and three-dimensional wizardry has never been better or more apparent. Parts of the film achieve the quality of good paintings one could wel come a momentary pause in the film to appreciate them. Render ings of materials and surface textures are excellentcolour alone invites reverence. Disney has never in spite of the fairybeen less Mabel Lucie Attwell, or more successfully himself. Especially welcome, at the pre sent time, is any sign of the increased importance of industrial design in art school curriculum. Instruction by practical men is essential, but unfortunately rare. It is a happy choice, therefore, that puts Misha Black in control of the industrial design class of the L.C.C. Central Schools. Mr. Black's long experience with the Industrial Design Partnership should stand students in good stead and, as the class will not interfere with his normal practice, contemporary problems will not be overlooked for want of contact with changing industrial needs. The department is run on sensible lines, stress being laid on the design of those articles of everyday use which are mass pro duced. Students receive general instruction in design for manu facture by all-important machine processes, but the course is flexible,

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