even pigeons and no cats WOULD YOU HAVE thought that seven Advertising Agents could sink professional jealousies so deep that they could work together for their own good, the good of their clients and the good of advertising generally Seven such agents are C. R. Casson, Ltd., Arthur S. Dixon, Ltd., Everetts Advertising, Ltd., J. P. McNulty Co. Ltd., Cecil D. Notley Advertising, Ltd., Rumble, Crowther Nicholas, Ltd., Stuart Advertising Agency Ltd., these are the agencies which came together as founder - members of the Advertising Service Guild. What made such a Guild possible Was it that all seven agencies believe in an individual approach to advertising? Did the seven see advertising falling into disrepute and want to do something about it Did they visualise greater strength in a measure of unity Not one, but all these reasons brought the Advertising Service Guild members together. Make no mistake, these seven agencies remain financially and creatively independent, but when ever they can work together without destroying the confidential relationship between agent and client, they will do so. Guild Members have been responsible for some of the most outstanding advertising of recent years Is there a better known name in the radio industry than Murphy Even if you don't keep a dog you surely know what a Bob Martin is Hasn't Optrex shown that patent medicine advertising can be well done Do you remember the lightning success of 50/- Tailors Wasn't Canadian Pacific the first big Steamship line to make cruise advertising alive Are not even steel tubes interesting when an Accles Pollock advertisement appears Do you remember That's Shell That was These are some of the campaigns prepared by members of the Advertising Service Guild. THE ADVERTISING SERVICE GUILD An association of seven advertising agencies each member agency is financially and creatively independent but all subscribe to a strict code of business conduct and for greater efficiency use their combined strength on non-creative services. Enquiries to the Secretary 10, Hertford Street, IP'. 1. Grosvenor 3477. 161

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