PHOTOMICROGRAPHY MAY STUDIO HERE ARE YOUR BOOKS What is See Watson - Baker's "World Beneath the Microscope," and the illustrations of highly magni fied plant and animal life the tongue of a butterfly, like a coil spring the head of a common house-fly the pollen of a hollyhock, and the filament of a barnacle, fantastically beautiful in design. The wonders of the world revealed by the microscope and camera. Cloth bound 5s. (professionals and. amateurs) THE STUDIO LIMITED 44 LEICESTER SQ„ LONDON, W.C.2 TWO NEW MONTHLY FEATURES DESIGN PARADE Introducing new designs in industrial production of all kinds. Compiled by Dr. Nikolaus Pevsner. SCENES FROM THE SHOWS An illustrated review of Decor in Theatre, Ballet and Film. Compiled by Grace Lovat Fraser. ALSO ART AS PROPAGANDA IN NAZI GERMANY by Gonda Gore." art for Everyman, by Percy Horton, illustrated by Everyman lithographs from the Picture Hire exhibition. DECENTRALISATION AND ART EDUCATION simple toy making, by Minnie McLeish. A MODERN HOUSE WITH A STUDIO THE WORLD'S ART CENTRES REVIEW OF BOOKS camera men modern photography. The StudioAnnual of Photographic Art. The 1939-40 edition of this famous photographic annual contains 104 plates in black and white. In addition there is an 8-page colour section of outstanding colour photographs. A further section of vital moment to all interested in photography is devoted to The New Picture Journalism. In the body of the book the world's finest photographs are represented with all tech nical information. 10 by ~j\ in. Cloth 7s. 6d. Paper 5s. photography for commerce. Introduction by Walter Nurnberg. A photographic anthology of prints by the world's leading photographers, many made specially for advertising purposes. 11J by 8J in. Cloth 7s. 6d. faces and figures. Introduction by Gordon Eames. Those who need to study the human form will find ample sub ject matter in this book. It contains 120 large photo graphic illustrations of the human face and figure in a wide range of type, ages and positions, it J by 8J in. Cloth 7s. 6d. THE MINIATURE CAMERA IN PROFESSIONAL HANDS. Remie Lohse, the author of this book, is one of the foremost professional photographers of America. His work has been illustrated in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Fortune, Stage and many other important American magazines. In the book, which contains 48 reproductions of his own photographs, the author lays down basic rules which he has found essential to follow. Spiral Binding 6s. how to use your miniature camera. By Ivan Dmitri. Illustrated with about 70 illustrations by the author. Ivan Dmitri explains everything the amateur should know to ensure successful results. 10J by 8J in. Cloth 6s. making a photograph. By Ansel Adams who, in the new edition, demonstrates the full possibilities of the camera. He gives details of the most suitable equipment with important points to bear in mind at every operation. There is a new section on colour photography and the possibilities of the miniature camera are included. 10 by q\ in. Boards 7s. 6d. THE STUDIO LTD., 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, W.C.2

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