SOME ADVENTURES OF A CORNET OF HORSE IN THE CRIMEAN WAR SOME ADVENTURES OF A CORNET OF HORSE IN THE CRIMEAN WAR A paper read before the Sette of Odd Volumes at its 526th Meeting on November 22nd !938 Dust wrapper and title-page for an odd volume f and trademarks and symbols Corporation. For the Fanfare Press he has pro duced one of the most notable series of orna ments in recent typographical history. The ornaments are distinguished and rich in colour, and are a pleasing change from the rich flower effects which were such an impressive feature of English typography during the twenties and early thirties. Before he left Germany Wolpe had already designed types. Among these types were Hyperion, an italic type, with two sets of capitals for the Bauer Typefoundry of Frankfort in 1930, and a gothic type for the Stempel Typefoundry of Frankfort in 1933. All this work was stopped in 1933at least as far as German typefounders were concerned, but British typo graphy has been the richer for Wolpe's stay in this country. For the Monotype Corporation Berthold Wolpe designed in 1935 Albertus Titling (to which he later added a lower-case alphabet). This design has proved one of the major successes of display typography during the past decade. It is an By KENNETH MACRAE MOIR Arbalister to the Sette The designs above are by Wolpe for a small volume for for the Set of Odd Volumes. Typography is by the Fanfare Press. On the opposite page is shown a selection from Wolpe's designs bindingsprivate press books, handbooks and so on. Wolpe has evolved many similar designs for manufacturers 130

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