HORNB EARN ROVER SEVER BAKER film#® OMVER flowers HI 16th century Inxlustrj TÜROG QUALITY Meccano Ltd. Atkinsons Marina Metropolis Whydo advertisement designers use hand lettering (left column) when a similar type face is available (right column) than in fact they are of the display types designed specifically for advertising. A host of these come to mindFigaro as a change from Playbill, Hauser, Holla and Legend among the script types, the decorated Vespa and Lilith, Imprint Shadow, Colonna, Adastra, Stenciland Allegro, whose char acter as well as its name suggests music. Of these decorative faces some are no longer obtainable in this country as founders' types because they originated in Germany or in the United States and the agents' stocks here have long since been exhausted but there are specialised advertisement typesetting houses that have them. TYPE V. HAND-LETTERING One wonders why more use is not made of the display-setting facilities available. So far this article has dealt with all-type advertisements, but the fact must be faced that the typical unillustrated display ad vertisement is not all type. It is a mixture of type and hand-lettering, the latter 177

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