DR. 1E5JÜ ImK AND THE NEW "RENCH ADVERTISEMENT COIIVIIItK A i;ill»KKA j MICHAEL SPONDE ICVER Y ONE who of late has set up theories about graphic commercial work has come to the conclusion that here too, as in all artistic creation, the national element is the predominant factor. How easy it is to contradict such a theory! The new sensational French posters were created by the artist Cas* sandre, and the new French advertisement, which has developed in recent years, especially in the large fashion papers, has been most strongly influenced and inspired by Agha, a Russian born in 1896 in Nicolajeff. He is the leading spirit of the Dor* land Studio, where he reformed the advertisement section of the French fashion-paper "Vogue", in common with his friend Real, the artistic director of the studio. His work to-day cannot even be said to have been influenced by the course of his deve* lopment, for he studied in St. Petersburg at the State Science and National Economic faculties of the Polytechnic High School, and then, in Paris made a study of modern oriental languages. His artistic training ran parallel with these scientific studies. It began under the famous Russian graphic artist Professor Narbut at the Academy of Arts in Kieff, and young Agha was doing practical art work at the age of seventeenhe drew an illustrate ed alphabet for a Russian publisher. Paris led him into the sphere of elegant advertisement. The ma* gazine "Vogue" offered a particularly brilliant ope portunity of distinguishing himself experimentally in this field, and thereby achieving results which served to determine the character of the presente day advertisements in "Vogue". At the moment Agha is engaged in superintending the German edition of the magazine "Vogue" in Berlin, and he hopes to achieve a still closer typographic unity between the editorial and the advertising sections than was possible in Paris, thus fulfilling an old aspiration. Fie devotes especial attention to the fulbpage advertisement, building it up as a strongly decorative composition, and endeavouring to ap« proximate its delicacy of form and design to the refined countenance of the editorial section of the magazine, as it is known and recognized the whole 17 Kilinn iiiiris i«isi miniate in lulls anal <|imns WOrld Over. Translated by E. T. Scheffauer huls i Prix t lO fr. |MH ii<imliiniisi- g<|!|><ii ll<iiiils:l»niloii u.i.\>li<il<>siil<> nnlf

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1928 | | page 71