h,iV«g r „"hit wc jacques oer Two primal demands of advertising have to be considered: The demand that the effectiveness be permanent and the demand for possibilities of varying the advertising. In order that the effectiveness may be permanent it is necessary that the lighting effects should be architectonically connected with the building, an essential part of it. The more severity and discipline be evidenced in the combination of architecture and lighting, the stronger and more impressive will be the effect. The nature of light is anti-spatial. Its effects are graphic, flat or cubic, according to whether it is used as a line of light, as flooding or as direct illumination. The changes which can be rung upon these various modes of expression open up extraordinary architectonic possibilities—since the buildings are "objective", the lighting effects compel the imagination! Variable advertising, such as that necessary at Christmas time, for bargain sales, or to make propaganda for some special feature, makes demands quite different from those imposed by permanent effects: il Lichtburg, Kino in Berlin- Gesundbrunnen (Durch- leuchtung) Lichtburg, Cinema in Berlin- Gesundbrunnen (Lighted from behind)

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 29