TECHNIQUE AND ECONOMICS OF ADVERTISING BY ILLUMINATION The technical-economic aspect of advertising by illumination is no less important than the ad vertising-economic. The technique of illuminative advertising to-day is so manifold that before deciding upon the particular manner to be chosen it is advisable to consider the costs of erecting it and keeping it up. With regard to technical execution we must distinguish between two main groups: 1. Light which is advertising 2. Light cast upon advertising Most illuminative advertising falls into the first group; here we find all illuminative advertising by means of visible electric bulbs, transparents, modern illuminative architecture and the colored light-tubes. The second group includes the illumination of advertising surfaces and flood-lighting. Jlluminative advertising by means of visible electric bulbs is the oldest and to a certain extent the simplest variety. It demands relatively the greatest number of electric bulbs, since in order Kaufhaus des Western, Berlin (Konturen- Beleuchtung) Kaufhaus des Westens Store, Berlin (Jlluminated Contours)

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