to create an impression of continuous lines or surfaces, these must be arranged at very small intervals. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being comparatively easy to mount, for in order to represent any kind of drawing in lines of light, it is only necessary to build frames of the required shape, install these and screw in a corresponding number of white or colored electric bulbs. Supposing, for instance, we elect to use Osram lamps, 5, 10 or 15 watt, enameled in colors, then the expense of maintaining the display, even though a large number of bulbs be used, will be comparatively small. Illuminative advertising with visible lamps is especially suitable to tempor ary displays (Stores bargain sales, white weeks, business jubilees, etc.) since the bulbs can be used again and again in varying arrangements. Ufa- Letters of light made of visible electric bulbs are only to be recommended for use at great heights K;no jn Ber|in or at a considerable distance from the beholder. They do not look well by day. High rents are (Flutlicht) often asked for suitable situations on roofs and gables, and these must be reckoned into the costs Ufa of keeping up the advertising. Gnema in Ber|in The various kinds of light-tubes, among which the neon tubes in red, blue and green are most (Flood-lighting)

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