cost of keeping up the plant is re latively small. The illumination of shop signs costs very little to set up if the sign itself does not need to be altered when mounting the piant. However, if 11 the whole thing is to be done anew, there are the costs of the new sign to be reckoned, and special consideration must be taken to choose something which is responsive to illumination. (The best colors for reflecting light are lead white and chrome yellow, the worst signpainter's red and dark blue). Again the script should be plastic, and the plastic effect be augmented by the lighting. The average volume of light required per square yard is greater than in the case of transparen cies, even if the ground color of the sign be white. Flood-lighting, a particular kind of illumination, is a relatively inexpensive form of illuminative advertising. It can be applied not only to wide-spread fronts, skyscrapers, towers and the like, but is also an effective means of advertising on a smaller scale. For instance, a well laid-out gable Jndantnren-Haus (Durchleuchtet und Neon-Licht) Entwurf: Architekt Schiemlchen, Leipzig Indanthren House (Lighted from behind and Neon-Light) Design: Schiemichen, architect, Leipzig

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 39