WËBÊBBSBËÊtfjÊÊBM radio Beitage Jum .Deutsche* Droeter; Weihnocftfcheft 1930 Prof. GEORG TRUMP frl. '„i.rili JorjS*krlfl*IA«-, i! \rS-M V6>fU..-li Die ra<lio [)roin> liegt für Sie bedsit. Sie soHfen sie qnforderh. Anwendungsbeispiele ous ailen Gebieten de^ Akjildenz |njddes Werbedruckes zeigen die groBe Wirkung der r.nlio und geben ifinervArfregungen, mil der neuen Schrifl SchriflgieBerei H, Bertbold AG, Berlin SW 61 Neues zu gesfaifen. Pages from the "City" Sample Book of the H. Berthold A. G. Recently Trump has also engaged successfully upon the creation of type. His "city" puts a number of the other new types to shame and reminds us that they are but reactionary echoes of weak historic forms. Trump's script, founding on the grotesque, leads on to a style which combines ob jective simplicity with originality. The "City" is severe, as the times demand, and yet its purity and significance impart to it a certain technical beauty. In the "City" Trump has proved to us the practical utility of his type. This booklet, got up by H. Berthold A.G. in the most modern spirit, has been enthusiastically accepted as a model specimen of contemporary printing art and became one of the "Fifty most beautiful books'The combination of "City" type and photograph give us advertising material of arresting novelty and charm. Here Trump the painter has his say next to Trump the photographer and Trump the maker of pictures, and his subtle play of colors and spaces creates commercial art within the boundaries of the technical. Translated by E. T. SchefFauer 43

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 65