-■-nr| 4<4k Bordeaux Nicolas sells wine in bottles from his 215 cellars, wine of all kinds, from a light dinner wine to the most costly and luxurious brands. His advertising must thus appeal to all classes of the public, since his products are destined for all classes. To be sure, an especially luxurious appeal to rich customers has sometimes been issued, but never a commonplace attempt to reach the masses. On the contrary, the house of Nicolas has always contrived to uphold a high standard and thus to attract a public of taste. Nicolas has proved that it is not necessary to be clumsy and vulgar in order to win the favor of the masses. In the posters too, the best of which were designed by Dransy, any tendency to the commonplace is avoided by the delicate conventionalizing of the figures. "Nectar", with his round eyes, his queer attitudes, his wide-flung arms, who looks as if he had stepped out of an album by Gus Bofe, has rapidly become a popular figure. One sees him on many posters, sitting, standing, coming xtn de U» gMMit Pourqooi rml-il* si pen d'iriKorien* I Le rupioide Iwdclete "'197 ft. TOF lui milvr Now Iin (front Cm" duw l'ietimitf uw oau» *ml«M rar eet nat Ututiiw Non* vouto** Ut wrprendrc fteecs de cotesux. den» W Beur ou mórUteMpinétrr l'orabf* prudente tU* efcèW «u3tM dormeot. drpui» 1* xetulnnjp. «juf pen* lejxtérieuK* tfcètiiurissticmt U toet» de doener i Uur ieillei.se U perfection pour limit*"; km» vouIob» entrer iUm let 'ehiteouiok des féoi- prrdieMM* de» trorfitésM te vsot ei.riébj et (1 ,t jord» uw NHm Cetfe eiwte que uout «Ilnnt fetre eotetold» eet «teer» vin lnHUMti. jnvur Ie V» S 3 y o, «out not rjeux, clément* lo r!» prodijoe en d'ieoompefeWe» trétort. il b «wé dt ftcsndcr dt 1* splendour d* APITRE III hi MÊDOC 1 EXPOSÉ tine, Boni"»» Ut d" let JmiTw de m trnêeluuttee. iXtti Borjesu* fut Ie 'Berdetej' do b» 4e h Cué. et Jtród je» wüeore, U 'txnnp*m' w U tóen* U cvt* mime. 2 euM*dd*Ov teedot let premiers, ét Ui so!res tjB né jssuvtjeai époq.uw et n'Hro «urtpoti» ip»r dwv V f*u»or$ i'e. -• ui. Je». Ut swim U* ior«u «weCetrot <m J de t Réoie, ds S .s«.Ui>, du Vtytnj. du l.*a<uede« psjs-so* - oontwipdt lee titan* I»* it cl wei ts cotton dee i I'uroge é'ttok fnJte peur fc Mtós SM» li'ntt'.iln— C. ..-.li .(ion eet 1» dstét drreext U dmit de priteedm i Iftnewné- „Monseigneur Ie Vin" Band II: „Die Bordeaux-Weine" .Illustration: Pierre Lissac Text: Georges Montorgueil 2 nd Volume "Bordeaux Wines" 47

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