and going as easily as any living figure and yet invested with the unreality of a creature of or phantasy. One fine day Loupot was entrusted with the task of dressing him anew as a modern butler. These posters, which alone would serve to prove the high level of quality maintained by the house of Nicolas, were reprinted in the Catalogue for the year 1928. The series issued shows "Nectar's" figure, continually more and more conventionalized until it is reduced to the barest essentials, we see him in all colors, in all kinds of parts, always the same and yet always different. These series might well serve as examples of the propaganda campaign of the last two years. When the poster is designed to appeal to a wide public, or to a select circle, such as the readers of "L'JIIustration", the circulation of which is steadily on the increase, then the designers task be comes more and more difficult. LA COTS OR Bi n K ifcjw* iT'Autxn. ljui „Monseigneur Ie Vin" Band III: „Burgunder Wein" Jllustration: Armand Vallée Text: Georges Montorgueil 3rd Volume: "Burgundy Wine" t)» iwwui Jiivip.amnmt »i, poor cm qa'ü» «Itrigdw» Ir pi-1 4" Woy towk A-rh-WM-Uru». - pMrrtwet Smnfcy D'AIm* >1 o*y (4"" 4» 1* Mr «1 le mfmcc futre Böaijmp». *prv> U «HwpirMw» it* CWiaMMjr. W: ie Nuke »e «w J, Vitr- 4, IV. mw fx Pmumrf, 1"»»»'tr«otut InWij cskeeew 4* lure A ■irwlr. «roartit in .te Co'too. 0* 1»» Mt*. Urn owl ucuqurl to"!* M perUpel» 11ÉÉ11& 49

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