I nil tV iWulv* A very remarkable feature of the printed matter issued by the house of Nicolas is the great campaign for French wines, a perfect if perhaps peculiar example of an educative advertising campaign. Here an exactly conceived plan was carried out by means adapted to its execution. The five volumes of "Monseigneur Ie Vin" (Right Reverend Wine), the three booklets by Paul Iribe (of which only the two first have as yet appeared, the third is to appear next year) are works of a certain spaciousness, a paean to Wine, a veritable triumphal chant for the wines of France The collection "Monseigneur Ie Vin", which is now out of print and much sought after by collectors, treats of all the wine districts of France and is probably the most conscientious study ever made, of wines, their quality, places of origin, various years and so on. The subject dictated the choice of illustrations, the scheme of arrangement and the typography. Marcel Jeanjean illustrated the history of wine in lively colors in old-fashioned, naively humorous style, like the old designs of Epinal. The designs devoted to Bordeaux wines were made by Pierre Lissac, who has revived the aristo cratic elegance of old castles to demonstrate the refined elegance of a wine of quality. Armand Vallée transports us to Burgundy, the land of men and wines of temperament and rich coloring. QjuCiwi tji I- Ob nt'cutii /tiani

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 73