x:^afy&èêeM/ie/»dté JttuiïL'si iLu* Carlègle shows us the France of the vintners, its wonderful landscapes and splendid women, amusing reminiscences of the past. But the masterpiece of the whole collection is the book on "The Art of Drinking". Every one of Charles Martin's illustrations is worthy of individual notice. The dignity of the drawings and the colors used, the high ability displayed by the artist and at the same time the exquisite imaginative quality elevate each picture to the rank of a little masterpiece, in which every line and tint bears witness to the intellectual quality of its creator. Especially worthy of note is the refined arrange ment of the pages and the excellence of the typography executed by the firm of Draeger, the publishers of this book, all of which elements contributed to its great success. The two books by Paul Iribe which have already appeared in continuation of the wine propa ganda campaign, are just as worthy of attention. The volume "Blanc et Rouge" is devoted wholly Weinkarte Winecard tps t <pt i 8 ip it ijti jr ipt t •ip i if* i* Entwurf Paul Iribe Design t ImiiL ftottiW uQ-hole. (^cxtiteatexc 53

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 75