CHARLES OGLE THE CAMERA AS THE ARTIST'S INTRUMENT 25 The American photographer Charles Ogle studied painting at the Pennsylvania Acadamy of the Fine Arts. He is the pictorial editor of the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger and news and feature photographer in Europe for the Scripps-Howards newspaper. At present he is photographing throughout Europe for the J.Walter Thompson Co., New York. Today the camera is an important medium in the hands of the artist, supplementing and often replacing the brush. The camera is in step with these modern times, reflecting and recording the drama of the machine age, skyscrapers, jazz, steel, concrete, movement, rapidity and rythm. Painters, although aware of the camera's limitations, have been quick, to take advantage of its possibilities and graphik qualities, its speed and flexibility. Moodsand sensation vie with fidelity of representation,offering unlimited opportunity of expression. Photography has definitely taken it's place among the fine arts, and advertising, realizing the value of this modern addition to the printed page has welcomed photography with open arms.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 47