Banska Bystrica 24.V.-3B.VI.1931 ADVERTISING ARTISTS IN CZECHO SLOVAKIA Svaz Ceskosiovenského DieSa L A D I S L A V S U T N A R •vr, H. K. F R E N Z E L: It is understandable that such a young country as Czecho Slovakia has no national art, and it is probably true to state that it will never possess one. In spite of the new frontiers of today, the connection with the educational centers of the past tends to dictate the style and ex pression of the artist. As far as one can see historical art and the peasant handicraft of the country have a decided effect on present day commercial art. As in other countries the work of Czecho Slovakian artists indicates a desire on their part to strive for modern present day styles. The advertising material shown here has been collected together by Mr. Willi Rotter, an engineer and commercial artist of Prague, to whom we are indebted for his assistance. PROF. PRAGUE 31

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 53