GERMANY DEUTSCHLAND These three comparisons point out a path. It certainly would not be right, for instance, were one to attempt to design German posters which should resemble the English poster in style and feeling, for he who goes journeying does not do so in the hope of finding his own customs and conditions of life in another country, but in the hope of experiencing something new and strange. Therefore it is right for each nation to express itself as much in accordance with its national character as possible in its travel propaganda, without attaching any political meaning to the word "national". Besides the countries preferred by tourists and the hotels which profit thereby, the railway and shipping lines as well as the motor-bus services make use of the landscape poster as a means of advertising. This may be correct, but I rather think that they lay too much stress upon this con ception. It is just as important that traffic concerns should lay stress upon the route itself as something essentially attractive. The comfort of the journey, the conveniences offered by the particular enterprise in question, are arguments as weighty as the goal itself. The shipping companies have for the most part recognized this factor, and make propaganda for sea voyages for health and recreation. The railway and the motor-bus are still very cautious in this respect, and seem to put very little faith in such advertising arguments. The development of tourist traffic has given rise to thousands of propaganda and landscape posters. Romance and objective report are the two principal persuasive arguments. In future, however, when it is a case of advertising for means of transport, for more attention should be paid to accentuating the argument for the comforts of travel. Trans, by E. T. Scheffauer. Piduresrjue Landjcapr in Old Hamburg Pholo by Hans Breurr, Hamburg Plakate der Reichszentrale für Deutsche Verkehrswerbung "Summer in Germany is the Perfection of the Beautiful" - M.Twain Information and Handbooks from all Tourist Agencies and Travel Bureaux Auskünfte und Werbefchriften durch alle Reife- und Verkehrsbüros des In- und Auslandes Posters issued by the "Reichszentrale für DeutscheVerkehrswerbung" (National German Tourist Propaganda Office) Am Rhtin iDiï Marluburg bri Braubachl Phot Aug. Rupp. Berlin

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