I olie It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that Elsbeth Heddenhausen, set in this new and responsible position, became a pioneer of the new "commercial photography". To-day the house of Ullstein has a photographic studio under the direction of Elsbeth Hedden hausen, fitted with every device proper to the service of modern photography. Not only all the many branches of the great house have their photographic ideas put into practice in this studio, but also many of the advertisers. In newspaper work, everything is done in a hurry and quick adaptab ility is necessary—for example, a technical picture for an advertisement, a number of architectural photos and a poetic cover design must be taken one after another in quickest possible succession. Here no-one takes a picture for the joy of the thing, as is often done in modern studiosevery picture is propaganda, action or news, every picture serves an actual purpose. Elsbeth Heddenhausen knows how to seize the being of people and objects so that the beholder is astonished over the striking faithfulness to life. Here her store of technical knowledge comes to her aid and her experience with all technical devices from the simplest to the most complicated. For this reason her photographs are never lucky accidents: there is a reason. Trans. by E. T. schefWr.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1931 | | page 51