PLYMOUTH VALUE HERBERT THANNHAUSER 76 óf ihe I widens its lead in 56 Schriftprobe Memphis aus dem Schriftprobenbuch der Schriftgieflerei D. Stempel A.G., Frankfurt a.M. Entwurf Design Samples from the Specimen-Book from D. Stempel A. G., Type Foundry, Frankfort on the Main i Structural sie.1 bring, .peed, „fcy and economy to Ih. erection of email a. „,11 a, structures—to home», apartment and mercantile houses, schools and small bridge,. Before building anything find out what steel can do for you. The Institute serve, as a clearing hou», far technic and economic information on ömclural steeland offer, full and free co-operation in the w of such data to architects, engineers and all other interested OF STEEL CONSTRUCTION T K E H G T H k H i .5 i: t; \j ft r y DREAMS THAT WILL LIVE IN STEEL NSTITUTE How high the new city holds its head! The vaulting archthe arrogant spirethe clean limbed river spanthese safely dare to reach so far because steel is in their veins. Versatile steell Worker of miracles solely through proved engineering formulae and the com petent art of drafting boards! For steel's adapta bility, steel's strength and security are definitely known-controlled by scientific test and analysis at every stage in Its manufacture. Powerful steell Industrial Ara «Ka M efficiency and economy. Behind tt lie Iho tudgmeW and preoption of America's ablest QUALITY BRINGS LEADERSHIP foremost f—- industrial —»»«-.•».—«. companies* in America use Vacuum Oil Company lubricants for their exacting requirements I M P R o V E D Alwcry. a conepkuoue value leadar. the full-elm Phmculh nowemhodle.additional nned to carry ettll higher (he Plymouth Idea! of lotrc- ductnoRne caileatumetntofltalowmd price field/New, mote than ever before. the Improved Plymouth can be compared with highprked car. In MMm comfort .plrtled performance and long (rouble free operation. When you and drive (ho Improved Plymouth you gel o now and different lmpreulon of who! remark «We arid* have been made to loweet-cw. motortof A M E B ICA'S LOWEST PBICED FULL-SIZE CAB

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