SMOKE WITHOUT FLAME Cigarette Boxes More money is spent for advertising by the German cigarette manufacturer than by any other branch of industry except the trade in cosmetics. The natural conclusion would be that this branch of industry must have developed a particularly good style of advertising. This is unfortunately not the casewith one exception. In no other branch have competitors snatched the arguments from one another's lips as they have here. If one firm called attention to the countries from which its tobacco was imported, the others were sure to follow suit within three months. If one firm began to speak of the tradition of the house and its long experience, competitors knew no better than to harp on the same string. If it occurred to one advertiser to insert views of his technical apparatus, all the others shouted after him: we have just the same machinery. The latest aspect of the strife is to take sides f o r and against particular peculiarities of a cigarettepro and contra the gold vip, for and against cigarette paper, and so on. The illustrations usually follow the same laws as govern the arguments. Everyone has the same as everybody else, just a little later. The consumer no longer distinguishes between the various brands advertised, but only becomes aware of a general advertising campaign for cigarette smoking. The purpose of this publication is once more to prove that an independent idea in advertising is always more valuable than an imitation. The 5

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