ZIGARETTEN 6 j» In iJuwi isb dot- gamie, Cfrvmk H E L L A S lnserat Advertisement Entwurf FRED W A G N E R Design Hellas cigarette factory, which is new to the market, has tried to find a new method of illustration. Here, in the pages of a magazine, the motifs used do not seem so very startling, but they were a surprise, for the very reason that they were in a style never yet employed in the German cigarette industry. The advertising campaign was got up and carried out by the well-known advertising agent, H. F. J. Kropff. Plakat Poster Entwurf HANS SCHLEGER-ZERO Design Zigarettenpackung Cigarette Box Entwurf WILHELM METZIG Design 7 4.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1933 | | page 27