w ma I of the Quartier Latin and Montparnasse is excellently counterfeited in Pasetti's "Bohème". In Puccini's "Mantel" there is a scene under the Pont neuf with the broad banks of the Seine and Notre Dame in the background which is full of the lowering impending tragedy. Fundamentally different is Pasetti's "Turandot" setting for the munici pal opera in Berlin from that which he did for the Munich National- theater, but both full of rich oriental Arabian Nights' phantasy. His decorations for the "Nacht in Venedig" made this work by Johann Strauss a permanent feature of the repertoire of the opera house Unter den Linden. It is a tonal symphony of perfumed color harmo nies, reaching its highest pinnacle of achievement in the ballet of the doves on St. Mark's square in Venice. Frankfort, Cologne, Berlin, London, Spain and America are all in possession of stage settings by Professor Pasetti. Everywhere, where this eminently great artist has had an opportunity to create, his work has been a source of joy and deepest satisfaction. Trans, by E.T.S. Bühnendekoratïon zu „Wolkenkratzer", Pantomime von Carpenter Stage Setting for "Skyscrapers", Pantomime by Carpenter Herold PROF. LEO PASETTI

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