SCHAFER E.W PFIZENMAYER Professor Edmund Schater is a teacher at the Kunstgewerbeschule-Ost (School of Arts and Crafts) in Berlin. One would not think so to look at the work reproduced here. There is nothing of the school master about these designs, as we see even at the first passing glance. The water-color of the young girl is a hasty improvisation, thrown off with a sketchiness which the teacher certainly would not recommend to many of his pupils. A master-hand may venture such facile strokes and perhaps a pupil too, but only under the master's eye. The water-color for the book-cover "Jagd und Volksbilder aus dem Kaukasus" is also done with a light touchlightness and fluency of line is part of the very being of a water-colorbut certain details betray the sure and practised hand. (For 19 VE RLAG ADOLF BONZ U.CO STUTTGART Schutzumschlag Book Jacket

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