BRILL alles ist relafiv---von-dubon Can a man be photographer and designer simultaneously? Can one recognize the photo as ultimate vehicle of artistic expression, can one entrust the visible world to the photographic plate and yet, when occasion arises, begin to draw, paint and chalk over this same world with pedantic and one might say, pre-historic industry? Lenbach, Stauffer-Bern (and others) have used the photograph as an aid to memoryand nothing moreand yet remained painter or graphic artist. To-day the photo is the focus of the graphic industry and of advertising. The photo serves no longer, but reigns supreme. At the same time it is comical to observe that the photo-designer after only a short practical experience always finds that he cannot do without manual drawing in commercial art. It is no secret as to how this comes about. The artist's client does not concern himself with theories. He 23 Bucheinband Book Cover Warenzeichen Papierwarenfabrik ReifJ Paper Factory Trade Mark

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