Prospekt für Ullsteins Maskenalbum Prospectus for Ullstein Carnival Fashions Album losing themselves in petty details. Take any one of these title-pages in hand, the fruit of years of advertising work and you will be surprised to see that in every case an individual note is struck and the particular artistic character of the magazine has somehow been reduced to a bright- colored, poster-like, conventionalized formula. He employs strong and radiant colors and taste fully arranged compositions which in broad and well-related outlines give the public the impres sion of the atmosphere of a book or magazine. For a publishing house whose products are mostly destined to be sold in the streets, this form of attracting custom, as original as it is witty, as indi vidual as it is striking, is absolutely exemplary. Löwen gets his inspiration from many sources. It is often possible to trace outside influences in his work. But this is unimportant. What is important is that he has developed a broad and head lined type of advertising which is all his own. To the tips of his clever fingers he is possessed by the possibilities of his profession; and that is what really matters. Trans, by e. t. Scheffauer.

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1933 | | page 49